Joshua Lanakilaokaʻāinaikapono Mangauil

Lanakila is a Kānaka Maoli born and raised in Hāmākua, Honokaʻa on Hawai‘i Island. Growing up in the forests of Ahualoa and down in Waipiʻo Valley, Lanakila was raised and able to learn from numerous Hawaiian practitioners.

Lanakila graduated from Kanu O Ka `Āina NCPCS in 2004 and became a Hawaiian studies teacher with the DOE Kupuna/Mākua program providing local cultural education to Hawai‘i Public Schools.

For nearly ten years he taught in public education and expanded to after-school programs, community classes, college classes, international groups, as well as launching the effort to create The Hawaiian Cultural Center of Hāmākua in 2014.

A student of Hālau Hula `o WaikāUNU under Kumu hula Kuwalu Anakalea, coming from the UNUKupukupu program under Kumu Hula Taupori Tangaro, Lanakila is greatly influenced and guided by the same drive of revitalizing traditional knowledge in higher education encouraging community engagement and enlightenment.

Lanakila is grounded here in his hometown, and his steadfast devotion to his community and mission of protecting and reviving the health of `Āina is embedded in all teachings he shares, his principal stance in all things Hawaiian.

“Na Akua (the gods) dwell in all that brings life, I let them shape me. I am who I am because the earth is my chief, I heed its command. He ali’i ka ‘āina, he kauwa ke kanaka. (the land is chief, the people are the servants)”